ETTA (HELLENIC TECHNICAL TOURISM DEVELOPMENT) is the continuation of ETA (HELLENIC TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT) SA. The company has vast experience in the study and construction of Industrial Units, mainly in food (wine, milk, fruit), but also in other industrial sectors (textile industry). In addition, it has undertaken the design and construction of many houses, country house complexes and hotels throughout Greece.
In addition, it is the sole representative for the whole of Greece, for more than thirty years, of foreign industrial houses in equipment applied to the food industry .
In recent years and with the expansion of its human potential with architects and young engineers, our activity in the renovation and modernization of houses and apartments in Greece and abroad has been intense.



Chartered Surveryor and Civil Engineer NTUA
Pantelis Palantzidis has more than 40 years of experience in the design and construction of houses, commercial buildings and building facilities for production units.


Civil engineer, MSc - CEO
Thomas was born in 1982 in Naoussa. He studied Civil Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and then specialized in Bioclimatic building design completing a postgraduate course at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff, Wales. Before returning to Greece, he also worked in Berlin, Germany.


Engineering architect, MSc - Architectural Design Manager
Konstantinos was born in 1990 in Naoussa. He studied Architecture at the University of East London and then specialized in the Energy Design of Buildings completing the MSc Architecture, Energy & Sustainability at London Metropolitan University. At the end of his studies he worked in London before returning to Greece in 2018 to join the company's workforce.