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Location: Thessaloniki
Surface: 59m2
Year: 2018

The renovation of the apartment on the 3.5 floor of the apartment building in Olympos was one of the most demanding we have take on. With an industrial aesthetic as a guide, new rooms were built in the existing space, walls were knocked down and built from scratch and craftsmen of every specialty were recruited to find authentic and current solutions in a space that was clearly wronged. One of the biggest difficulties we had to face was that it was a small apartment with an entirely open view. Thus, in collaboration with the painter Alexandros Tsakonas, we created the view essentially inside the house itself, with a wall mural that covers a large surface of the interior wall. Finally, due to the particularity of the space, almost the entire interior design was done with custom made furniture and interventions. The result justified us even more and we are now proud of it through the photos of the satisfied tenants on Instagram!

Photography copyright: Apo Green Photography, Gabriel Psaltakis
Metalwork: Sami Bosi
Woodwork: Decoramat