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The complex consists of ten houses. The central design concept is based on clean volumes - single and double-storied - roofs with an inverted slope and the robust presence of traditional stonework.
The natural building materials of the built are in conversation with the planted and natural environment. Each residence is accompanied by a private swimming pool and part of the garden within the single surrounding area.
Solar energy is used to heat domestic hot water. Wastewater is treated in a biological treatment plant with planting. Rainwater is collected from the roofs and reused together with the water from the biological system for the irrigation needs of the surrounding area and other auxiliary uses within the building.
The architectural design study was done by the USEarchitecture office.
Construction period: May 2020 to July 2022. From July 2022 it operates as a hotel accommodation.
The construction was carried out by ETTA, the planning and implementation of the planting was carried out by Vitaverde.
Coefficients & Suppliers:
- Architectural Study: USEarchitecture (project team: Koutsari Maria, Manolaki Antigoni, Portokalis Valerian)
- Construction and project management, Static Study: ETTA
- Environment: Vitaverde
- Mechanical Study: Imec (Zopunidis Konstantinos)
- Kourasanit: Plastering cement mortars
- Lazaridis ceramics: Ceramic tiles sanitary ware
- Vasikaridis: Wood constructions
- Foiros home: Furniture
- K2 contract furniture: Furniture
- Bright lighting
- Pureinox: Metal structures